Jun 9, 2023
Top 5 Most Expensive Bollywood Movies Of All Time – FilmyGigs. Most Expensive Bollywood Movies.

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1) RRR – Budget – 600 CRORE, 1120 Crore Box Office Collection (Most Expensive Movie Of Bollywood – All Time)

So first the name of the movie which is the most expensive, is RRR which was released on 25th march 2022. Net budget of the movie was 600 CRORE, and this movie tops the list of the most expensive movies of all time. Movie’s worldwide box office collection was 1120 CRORE, which was the most earned bollywood movie followed by KGF Chapter 2. The numbers are unbelievable for a common man, this is Incredible!

Movie Synopsis – RRR

A fearless revolutionary and an officer in the British force who once shared a deep bond, decided to join forces and chart out an inspirational path of freedom against despotic rulers. They Started fighting for their countries in the 1920’s. Story opens in Adilabad, where a young tribal girl is forcefully taken away from her mother by a few Britishers.

2) 2.0 Movie, Budget – 575 Crore, Box Office – 618 Crore (2nd most expensive bollywood movie)

2.0 Movie was released on 29th nov, 2018. Net Budget of the movie was 575 crore, and it’s box office collection of 618 crore, which is a bit low if we compare budget – earnings ratio. However, it is the 2nd most expensive bollywood movie. It was the most expensive bollywood movie for the year 2018. The previous part of the movie, Robot 1, was made at a budget of 150 Crores.

Movie Synopsis – Robot 2.0

When cell phones start to fly out the hands of the inhabitants of Chennai, Doctor Vaseegaran and his android assistant, Nila, are called to the rescue, together they face the supernatural powers of Pakshi Rajan. The present fillm revolves around Chitti being reincarnated as the world is under attack from a creature of the fifth force’. We are introduced to a normal guy who takes on a “larger than life” villain in a mission to end some form of negativity.

3) Ponniyin Selvan, Budget – 500 CRORE, Box Office – 498 CRORE (3rd most expensive bollywood movie)

Ponniyin Selvan was released on 30 September, 2022 which is basically a “2 parts” movie and it’s 2nd part is yet to be released as of June 2023. This movie failed to match or improve upon the success of it’s predecessor. It is also projected that the 2nd part of the movie will earn only half as much money at the box office as Ponniyin Selvan 1. We can see that Budget, i.e. 500 Crore } Box Office collection i.e. 498 CRORE.

Movie Synopsis- Ponniyin Selvan

A woman aims to bring an end to the Chola Dynasty while another aims to bring stability to the era with the crowning of her own capable brother. Whether they succeed or how the events turn out becomes the story. Vandiyathevan sets out to across rhe Chola land to deliver a message from the crown prince Aditha Karikalan. Meanwhile, Kundavai attempts to establish political peace as vassals and petty chieftains plot against the throne.

4) Adipurush, Budget- 500 CRORE. (Movie To Be Released)

Adipurush joins the 4th position of most expensive bollywood movies, it’s budget is 500 Crore INR. Earlier in 2022, the movie was brutally trolled for poor animations and poor VFX. Half of the movie was to be re-edited or re-make which pushed the overall budget of the movie. Projected box office collection is 1000 Crore which will be a Super hit movie of 2023. Fans give Adpirush’s trailer a thumbs up, and it is far better than the trailer.

Movie Synopsis- Adipurush

Adoption of Indian History depicting the triumph of good over evil, this movie is based on “The Ramayana by sage “Valmiki”. It is believed that whenever Ramayana is played, Lord Hanuman always comes at that place. So, for the first time in the history, producers and directors have decided to reserve a seat as “Unsold” or “Un-booked” for Lord Hanuman. This becomes a reason for movie’s upcoming great performance . Jai Shree Ram!

5) Pushpa – The Rule (PART 2), Budget – 400 CRORE. (Movie is yet to be released)

Pushpa – The Rule will last but not the least, the top 5 list of most expensive bollywoood movies. Budget of the movie is 400 Crores, which can be extended as per the reports. Pushapa’s 1st part was made of 170 Crore budget, which is now almost 2.5X! Projected box office collection of the movie is 500 crores which is quite low, if we compare budget :earnings ratio. However, the numbers are only projected.

Movie Synopsis- Pushpa 2

A labourer named Pushpa makes enemies as he rises in the world offered sandalwood smuggling. However, violence erupts when the police attempt to bring down the illegal business. The clash continues as Pushpa and Bhanwar Singh continues their rivalry in this epic conclusion to the two-parted series.

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